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The Course


  • Course Description - The course is compact and stable. There are minimal trip hazards, especially if you run in the center of the trail. There are several foot bridges along the course - a mix of aluminum and wooden. The aluminum bridges have excellent traction and hand rails. The wooden bridges can be slippery when wet and do not have hand rails - please use caution on these bridges.


  • Course Elevation - The trail starts and ends at an elevation of 5 ft. The trail varies from 3 to 6 ft across the various bridges. At the .68 mile point the elevation changes from 5 to 22 ft and returns to 5 ft over the next .2 miles.


  • Q : "Will I get bored ?" A: Maybe, Maybe not. The course is absolutely beautiful. Yes, you will be repeating a 1.4 mile loop possibly all day and all night, but there will be plenty to keep your mind occupied. The tides change throughout the day and the stars (on a clear evening) are breathtaking. You will also have access to a full aid station, as well as anything you bring, multiple times per hour (depending on your pace). If you want to push your limits and see how far you can go in 24 hours, we will do everything possible to assist you in achieving your goals.

  • The race will start November 5, 2022 at 8:00am.

  • Tideland 24 will be held on the Tideland National Recreation Trail and will utilize the "Outer Loop"


  • The course is 2.21735 km / 1.37779 miles per loop and is USATF certified


  • Course Map - USATF Course Number NC15026BW









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